Window Shopping: Spring 2015

Its March 7th, meaning 14 days until Spring, meaning 14 days until I will be shopping again, well maybe. I put myself on a “no-buy” at the start of February and extended it to the beginning of spring because one, I buy way too much and two, I own way too much  (Ill do a separate post on my new minimalistic efforts next week).

At first I thought this would be extremely difficult, I tend to shop a lot and its hard for me to say no to myself, but as the weeks past it got easier and easier to distract myself with other things in life. But once a shopper, always a shopper, even if it has been just window shopping!



Coat  //  Shirt //  Bag  //

Sandals //  Dress  //  Cape

What are your craving this spring ?

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Cheers, Jennifer


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