What to Do in Whistler When You Don’t Ski or Snowboard


I’ve actually never gone to Whistler with the intention of skiing or snowboarding, I’ve actually never been skiing or snowboarding in my entire life. And before I get publicly shamed, let me just say, I broke my leg in my teens and was afraid of doing more damage after that because I’m incredibly clumsy. I know that shouldn’t have stopped me from trying all these years, but in reality don’t hang out with people that ski or snowboard on the regular, so I’ve never actually been invited up to do it, so I just ever have. A couple weekends ago I was there for a girls weekend and thought that there must be other people that are like me and go to Whistler even when they don’t ski or snowboard

So if the fear of falling and breaking something is as real for you as it is for me, or if you simply just don’t enjoy skiing or snowboarding and wanted to know some alternative things to do read on. Because here is What to Do in Whistler When You Don’t Ski or Snowboard.

While Everyone is Skiing / Snowboarding You Can Be Eating

Eating is my favorite past time, but really who’s favorite past time isn’t eating? Whistler is full of restaurants because let’s be real, it’s a tourist city, that means it was built on hotels, shopping, and restaurants. So when your walking around Whistler village, you will have a ton of different options, here are some of my favorites:

Head to the Spa, While Your Friends and Family Head to the Slopes


You can book a massage, or go in for their bath session and just relax the afternoon away at the Scandinave Spa. It’s about a 7-10 dollar cab ride from the village, I think you can bus or walk their too if you have extra time and it’s a nice day.

The spa is nice, you will definitely be relaxed even just doing the bath session but just a heads up talking is completely discourage, therefore everyone is silent. It’s weird and you have to get used to it, so bring a book or something that isn’t your phone because those are allowed either.

If Skiing Down Hills Aren’t Your Thing, Try Climb Up Them.

whistler hiking trails wedgemount-lake

Try hiking, yes you are already on a mountain why would you need to climb more? Becuase you’ll be met with some amazing views. Also, you are technically done the majority of the “climb” since you are already in whistler right ? Here are some locate hikes to try out! I have not tried all of these, just a couple. But the two that are on the top of my list to do next are:

If You Don’t Want to Snowboard Down a Hill, Try Sliding Down a Few

I personally have never tried this, but it looks fun as hell. Sine hosting all the sliding event during the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Whistler Sliding Centre is home to one of the fast ice tracks in the world. To me, this reminds me of a rollercoaster in the winter.

Put On Some Snowshoes and Go For a “Nature” Walk

Sure you can go for a regular walk, or you can throw on some snowshoes and go on a guided nature. Personally, I would rather just head out for a regular walk, snowshoes seem like a lot of extra effort. But that could be the lazy person in my talking. I would never volunteer the idea of snowshoeing but I would’t not go in the opportunity presented itself. Check out some trail options here.

Apparently, Ziplining and Snowmobiling are Also Things to do in Whistler When You Don’t Ski or Snowboard

Again these are two activity that I haven’t actually done, but they are on my list for the next time I’m up there. Zip lining through the mountains just sounds cool enough to try. And who wouldn’t want to race around it snowmobiles?

Treat yo’self and do some shopping


You can do some serious  damage at some of the quintessential shops in Canada in Whistler. Artizia and Lululemon and the basic stores that almost every Canadian shops at. So jump on the bandwagon and do some heavy damage, cause clothing up there isn’t the cheapest.

Just Take Some You Time

Honestly, if you are up in Whistler this is most likely your Vacation time. So spend your time doing whatever you want. Maybe you were guilted into going. Maybe you FOMO was more real than it ever was or maybe you were dragged up by your family. Whatever happen that got you up on that mountain remember that it’s still your vacation time. So do whatever the hell that makes you happy. Whether it’s reading by a fireplace, locking yourself away and watching Netflix or sipping on wine throughout day, you do you. Cause its your time to relax.

Go into Vancouver

If you aren’t from Vancouver and you’ll be in Whistler for a week or so. Go into Vancouver. It’s much more accommodating to non-skiers and snowboarders alike. It’s about a 2-hour bus ride, and it cost about $30-40. Honestly, there is so much more to do and see, and you can totally just go in for the day. The bus should take you in to the heart of the city.

So that is my guide to Whistler for those of us that don’t ski or snowboard. I hope you enjoyed and walked away with at least one idea!

Talk to you on Tuesday, this post is coming to you later than usual so sorry about that!

Love, Jennifer An Bui


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