The Ultimate Gift Guide For Travelers: Guys & Girls

Now that American Thanksgiving is over, (Canada’s was back in October), we are all starting to google variations of the same question, “What to get BLANK for Christmas,” “Gift Ideas for BLANK” and “Last Minute Gift Ideas.” Here today I will share my version of The Ultimate Gift Guide For Travelers: For Guys and Girls. This is my version because it’s definitely not for every traveler, I would even say this list contain items for the more “materialistic” traveler, which I definitely am. That is why I would love anything off of this list unless I already own it or a version of it (I think I am 11/16) har har. And to be real, anyone that is a traveler has a lot of the basic items already, and if they don’t their might be a reason that they didn’t get it for themselves.

Ultimate Gift Guide For Travelers: 16 unique ideas

The Ultimate Gift Guide For Travelers

#1 Fancy Carry-On, Steamline Luggage ($850 USD)

This is the dream if you have a few extra hundred or willing to invest in a gorgeous piece of luggage, check this one out. Because oh my goodness it’s so pretty and fancy looking. Like how could you not feel fancy using this? There are other options, you can opt for a TUMI carry-on one that more practical or a DVF carry-on of that is cheaper, but this one wins my vote as a part of the Ultimate Gift Guide For Travelers list.

#2 Folding Sunglasses, Ray-Bans(Currently $210 USD)

Sunglasses are a staple whether you are a traveler or not. But folding sunglasses? are just plain cool. Not only can they be neatly packed away to fit inside a smaller bag or pocket, but can you image the endless amounts of fun you’ll have freaking people out that you broke them when you are bored.

#3 Cardholder, Gucci ($275 CAD)

When I’m aboard, I have fewer cards, but I still carry around my huge wallet because I am used to needing it at home. But more often than not, my big wallet just takes up a lot of room, but when I opt to go wallet-less my cards are just flying everywhere at the bottom of my bag or lost in my pockets. This baby with saving my day, that’s why it’s on the top of my Xmas list.

Ps: you don’t need to go for an over the top Gucci one, Chanel also makes one. But in all seriousness, almost every brand makes this at all price ranges. I like the idea of going with a fancy brand when you know your person likes luxury but you aren’t at a point where you can comfortably shell of $2000 on a bag.

#4 Olympus Pen Camera ($699 CAD)

If I didn’t have my Canon 70D I would most likely go for this. Simply because it takes amazing photos and is a compact camera. Do you know how many purses can casually like a Canon 70D? Not many. It’s a great camera that takes incredible photos, so if you can, go on and buy it for your special someone.

#5 Belt,Gucci ($1185 CAD)

Who put’s a belt as the most expensive item on a Christmas gift guide? I did, that’s who. As a traveler you probably don’t travel with that much, so why not travel with nicer things that make you feel fancy and put together. Because that what this belt does that’s why it’s a part of my Ultimate Gift Guide For Travelers. And if I had the cash to blow, this would be my present to myself this year. But sadly my funds have to go into other areas #adultingisreal.

#6 Backpack,Hershel ($110 CAD)

This backpack counts as a “Personal” item on most major carriers. But let me tell you when this bad boy is stuffed to the max, it can stand as tall as a carry-on luggage. In short, you can cram a boatload in here. Your traveler can just take this for when they are packing for a winter weekend getaway, instead of a duffle bag and be hands-free.

#7 Baseball Hat, New York Yankees ($23 CAD)

Messy hair and rain are reasons why every traveler needs a baseball cap. Be thoughtful with this gift idea and get one of their favorite team. But it doesn’t have to be their favourite team, it can be a home team or a team that simply looks cool on a hat. I own the Yankees one, and no, I don’t know a single thing about them. I may not be a fan, but you can’t say I am not a supporter. So go support at team and buy this items off of my Ultimate Gift Guide For Travelers list.

#8 Noise Canceling Headphones, BOSE ($330 CAD)

My cousin let me try hers once, and it’s literally the coolest thing, with a flick of a switch you just cancel out external noises. Making plane ride and loud bunk mates all the easier to tolerate

#9 Rain Coat, The North Face ($220 CAD)

An ACTUAL waterproof jacket, not a phony one. I bought many phony ones cause they were cheap, but you should just spoil your traveler and get them one that is nice and actually waterproof.

#10 Leather Jacket, Zara ($200 CAD)

This takes me from day to night, If I am traveling in mild to semi-cold climate this is the only jacket I take, cause it’s so versatile. It saves me a lot of space, and I always feel, THAT much cooler when I sporting a leather jacket.

#11 Kale Sweatshirt ($30 CAD)

Airport uniform.

#12 Converse ($60 CAD)

They go with everything and are like the universal shoe. Extra bonus, add a pair of insoles into these so that your traveler can literally walk all day in them. I have bad knees, but walking around in these saves me every time.

#13 Birkenstocks ($120)

They are literally so comfortable, I don’t even know why I bother with other non-supportive sandals. Strappy sandals may look cute, but after 20,000 steps and your feet kill, you wish you would have opted for birks.

#14 Bluetooth, Splashproof Speaker, JBL ($200 CAD)

I’m getting this for my dad. He loves music and he loves sharing blasting his music everywhere he goes. Yes, my dad is that cool and if you want your traveler to be that cool, get they a portable Bluetooth speaker.

#15 Map Print, Esty ($10-50 CAD)

Ask them their favorite city or find out their home city, get on Esty and order a Map Illustration and frame it. It’s incredibly thoughtful and an easy / inexpensive gift idea. It’s probably one of my favourite idea on my Ultimate Gift Guide For Travelers list.

#16 Plane Ticket ($100-1000 CAD)

No, I don’t think you can buy love and that the point of Christmas gifts. But how could I not end my Ultimate Gift Guide For Travelers without a plane ticket? If you’re person really loves to travel and you want to spoil them, book a ticket for them and even you (if you are that close) to go some there fun together. How do they say it, you can “give the gift of time” literally (if you go together.

That my friends, concludes my Ultimate Gift Guide For Travelers, I hope you were able to find something for all the travel lover in your life whether it’s a boy or girl, guy or gal, man or woman. I hope my Ultimate Gift Guide For Travelers was semi helpful in your hunt for the perfect Christmas gift or you know any time gift if you are reading this one line and its not actually christmas any more.


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