Travel Tuesday: Wanderlust

wan – der – lust:

having a strong desire to travel.


Last month I was asked the question: What do you want to accomplish / do this year? As a 22-year-old, budding professional and recent graduate at a networking event, the typical and expected answer was to advance my professional career, but to my own surprise my answer was simply to travel.


I have been places around the world and last year as a graduation present to myself, I went to Europe for six weeks going to countries like England, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany and Norway. It was the biggest adventure I had in almost 7 years. Before that trip, I went to Vietnam at the wonderful age of 13 and although it was great it was 7 years ago (and I was 13).

Travel was something I always wanted to do but never made a priority. My sister on the other hand – Kimberly, is an adventurer, these past few years she saw more places than people do in their lifetime because to see the world is her priority. And this year, and from now on I am making it mine.


This year I am planning to go to Orlando, Florida (Disneyworld and Universal) as well as Europe. I thought I would take you guys on this journey with me, as I put traveling first, so check back every other Tuesday for the post on how I am budgeting, saving, packing and another random post along the way.


Travel Tuesday, London England, Double decker, how to save for londonLondon, England

florence italy, travel tuesday, going to florence italy Florence, Italy

venice italy, water venice, cannals, travel tuesday Venice, Italy

budapest, chain bridge, budabuda, travel tuesday Budapest, Hungary

paris france, pretty paris, travel tuesday Paris, France

I will forever be in love with places I’ve never been, and people I have yet to meet.

Cheers, Jennifer


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