Travel Tuesday: How to Decide Where To Go

I want to go everywhere and eat everything

(but please don’t ask me exactly where)

This is my motto. I am indecisive at best, other things at worst.


Corfu, Greece: May 14, 2014

If the travel bug or the wanderlust feelings have hit you like they have hit me this year than narrowing down the places you want to go this year might be a little but harder. If you have one destination in your mind and have your heart set on it then, WOO! you are one step closer than the rest of us and you can probably stop reading this post now and wait for the next post on planning.

This year I’ve decided on two trips, trip one will be with my family to Disney World and Universal. Trip two will be to Europe (London, Venice, Florence, and Paris) with A (Angus)

Three things played major roles in planning these trips:

1. Time – when we went & for how long

2. Money – how much can I afford

3. Feelings – what was my heart set on.

For Disney World it was a no brainer, I promised my brother I’d take him if he could save enough money and that was really the end of that thought process because I knew I had vacation time for it and come on DISNEY WORLD. My heart has been set on it since I went to Disneyland in 2011.

For Europe, it was harder, Both A and I knew we wanted to go back (we spent 6 weeks in Europe in 2014) there was so much we didn’t get to see the first time around. The hard part was in choosing where we wanted to go. So we both listed our top choices, we I took time and funds into consideration and made our choice from there.

Our first list consisted of 8 different cities and cutting back was hard heartbreaking. But it ultimately came down to where our hearts truly lied. We visited Paris and London on our first trip but felt cheated because we didn’t allow enough time in either place, two those two were a no brainer. Venice we gave up on the first trip because it was on the more expensive side, but we both immediately regretted not going once we came back. And Florence was based on the fact that we utterly and completely fell in love with Italy.


Vancouver - London: April 18th, 2014

Time and Money played a huge part in this as well, before even starting the planning we knew that we wanted to spend more time in every city so we could over-indulge ourselves in all out food endeavors . We were on student budgets the first time around so that limited us immensely, we aren’t by any means rolling is cash now but we knew that this trip would cost us more than the last. In addition, I have limited vacation time due to working full time and to be honest, I briefly thought of quitting my job before leaving so that I could stay in Europe longer. Obviously, that isn’t the most practical or fair choice on my part but I did toy with the idea because who doesn’t want to quit their job and travel the world.

And that my two cents on deciding, yes consider factors like time and money, but in the end, you need to follow your gut and go where your heart tells you too.

Cheers, Jennifer


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