Budapest, Hungary

A Complete 3 Day Itinerary to Budapest: 27 Things You Must Do

Budapest was a delightful surprise, to say the least. I don’t actually remember what made me want to go, but I do remember once I had Budapest in my head, there was nowhere else I wanted to go. So I…

San Francisco, California

Travel Guide: The Ultimate San Francisco Travel Bucket List

San Francisco would be my Los Angles or New York. It’s the city I have so hyped up in my head, that I’m too hesitant to go because the timing needs to be perfect.

What to Pack for a Winter Weekend Getaway

Last weekend, me and some of my new-ish girlfriends decided to go on a Winter Weekend Getaway to Whistler, BC (high-five to me for throwing caution to the wind and doing it). Where I completely failing at photographing  the entire…