Why You Need to Visit Paris in the Winter


Last winter we went to London and Paris, and albeit be on the colder (nearly freezing) side, I would travel back to Paris in the Winter in a heartbeat. It was my second time both in London and Paris, the first time we went was in the spring/summer. And to be honest, if I were to go again, I would most likely go in the late winter, early spring. There was some so wonderful about being in Paris During the Winter.

Here are my 10 Reasons To Travel to Paris in the Winter:

#1: Traveling to Paris in the Winter is a lot less crowded.

Montmartre Paris in the Winter

Photo credit: John Towner via Unsplash

Like its ridiculously less crowded, we barely had to wait anywhere. We literally had Paris ourselves in some instances and it was truly incredible.

#2: You Can Get Up Close to the Mona Lisa at the Louvre When You Travel to Paris in the Winter (aka offseason)

mona lisa at the louvre | Travel Paris in the Winter

Photo credit: Stacy Wyss via Unsplash 

We woke up, had a slow start to the day, and WALKED from our Airbnb to the Louvre, waited in a 7-minute line to get in bought our tickets,  and then we were on our merry way to see the infamous Mona Lisa (spoiler, it’s a lot smaller in person). And though there was small crowd of people we were able to snap pictures and get right in front to see her almost right away.

There are probably a thousand other things see in the Louvre, some are (in my opinion) are way more spectacular than the Mona Lisa. The best thing about your Louvre ticket is that it’s for the entire day. So after we left, we didn’t return until the evening (about an hour till closing) and the Louvre was almost near empty its was the most amazing experience to have the place almost literally to ourselves.

Travel to Paris in the Winter: 1, Traveling in the Summer: 0 (Just kidding it’s still worth it in the summer)

#3: Stay in the BEST Parisian Neighbourhoods For Cheap When You Travel to Paris in the Winter

Paris in the Winter, Places to Stay

Photo credit: John Towner via Unsplash

#4: You Can Actually Do Everything You Want To Do When You Travel to Paris in the Winter

Traveling in Paris in the Winter

Photo credit:Greta Schölderle Møller via Unsplash

Because there are a lot fewer people traveling to Paris in the Winter you don’t need to account for as many wait times as you usually would. That means you can do everything you wanted to do in the amount of time you have in Paris.

#5: There are Super Cheap Connecting Flights to Paris in the Winter

Travel to Paris in the Winter for Cheap

Photo credit: 贝莉儿 NG via Unsplash

Last winter, our round-trip ticket from Vancouver, BC to London, London to Paris, Paris back home was $756 CAD. There were a bunch of other combo options we could have done all for under $900.

#6: You Can Watch the Sunrise and the Sunset in Paris During the Winter

Paris in the Winter |Picture of Sunset at Printemps Haussmann in Paris France

I loved the fact that we were up and out before sunrise so we could watch it, on our way to our destination. But we could also, watch the sunset whilst having a cup of tea at 5pm. Sunrise’s and Sunsets have always been so magical to be. So the fact that in the winter I can watch and enjoy both, made my entire trip.

#7: Because Travelling to Paris in the Winter is breathlessly beautiful

Travel to Paris in the Winter

Photo credit: Tom Eversley via Unsplash

Paris is one of the prettiest cities I have ever visited. Paris in the Winter is still as breathtakingly beautiful as Paris in the Summer. It’s just Paris in the Winter has this calmness and stillness about it that the busy summer doesn’t.

#8: It Doesn’t Rain, It Snows in Paris in the Winter

Paris in the Winter carousel eiffel tower

Photo credit: {this is glamorous} via Flickr

I wholeheartedly wished it snowed in Paris while we were there. But it didn’t, but you know what else that didn’t happen? Rain. It rained one day during our 5 days in Paris and it was sunny every other day. And let me tell you, planning a rainy day in Paris is easy if you have the proper clothing and itinerary sorted out.

#9:  Travel to Paris in the Winter to See All those Twinkling Lights

Travel to Paris in the Winter | Eiffel Tower at Night

Photo Credit: Anthony Delanoix via Unsplash

One of the best parts of traveling to Paris in the Winter was the fact that it got dark early on in the evening. You get to see the city lit up so beautifully so much longer and you get to see the Eiffel Tower glitter so much more often (cause they only do it once per hour every 5 mins).

#10: Because it’s Paris, and Travelling to Paris in the Winter is Always a Good Idea

Travel to Paris in the Winter | Best Paris Views

Photo Credit: Jace Grandinetti via Unsplash

I don’t think there is ever a bad time to travel to Paris. Whether you are planning to travel to Paris in the Winter, in the Summer, In the Fall or Spring. You are going to enjoy your time there. And if you didn’t then you might just have hung out in the wrong parts of town. Paris, albeit with its own issues, is still an amazingly captivating city.

There you have it, my 10 Reasons To Travel to Paris in the Winter. If you are traveling to Paris this winter and are think of stopping by London, check out my post 5 Days In London: Free Place To Go & Cheap Places To Eat

Once again, thank you so much for stopping by and I’ll talk to you on Saturday!

Love, Jennifer An Bui


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