My 2016 Resolutions and Goals

2016 new year

I love new year resolutions, I love asking people what theirs are because I love listening to everyone’s goals and passions. I love that so many people see the start of the new year as a clean slate and a fresh beginning, myself included. I know not everyone feels the same way about the new year as I do, but that’s okay, cause my motto for this year is:

You do you & I’ll do me

I set goals and resolutions every year, sometimes I share them, usually I don’t. Because to be honest, a lot of the time, I don’t keep them, I get lazy, and laying in bed doing something completely mindless usually always sounds better than doing anything else. It’s terrible I know, but it’s the truth. Yet, I don’t know what it is about this year, but I can feel the difference, I can feel the need to have this year be different and be great.

ONE: Develop a morning routine
I hate work day mornings, and I want to learn to love them because mornings are my favorite time of day.

TWO: Workout three times a week
I literally have a gym that is a 2-minute walk away, there are absolutely no excuses this year.

THREE: Journal & Blog
I came to a realization, that instead of waiting for content I like to consume,  its time to create the content that I would want to consume.

FOUR: Meet all financial goals
There are things I want to do and places I want to go, but none of that can happen.

FIVE: Find a new job
There have been more that a few times last year that I had to ask myself if I felt challenged or was I just playing it safe.

SIX: Complete my portfolio
My work is in 50 different places, and none of it is in the folder I have labeled portfolio.

SEVEN: Practice Calligraphy and Watercolouring
The thought of having to clean it all up makes me not want to start, it’s a bad a vicious cycle that I need a break.

EIGHT: Take Photos
It’s only January 1st, and I already know of so many exciting things that are happening, I can’t wait to document it all.

NINE: Buy less, invest more
This pertains to materialistic items, just want to really practice quality over quantity

TEN: Make X amount from freelancing
My end goal has always been to work for myself, and I really want to take a big step in that direction this year.

ELEVEN: Go on more walks
Walking clears my mind, it gets me moving and most importantly – it makes me feel like I did something with my day

TWELVE: Finish 3 Courses
I say finish and not take, because technically, I am already taking a ridiculous amount of “course” right now…

Please, please, please share or link to yours, I am addicted to reading these types of post 🙂

Cheers, Jennifer


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