How to Throw Caution to the Wind

I play it safe all the time, with almost every situation I plan out the safest route. The route that will cause the least amount of worry and anxiety. It’s who I am, but not who I will always be. In the past, I have given up many opportunities because overthinking got the best of me, and I am tired of it.

Printemps Terrace at Sunset in ParisPrintemps Terrace at Sunset in Paris

Don’t get me wrong I will always overthink situations, you probably will too. But these days I am asking myself these questions before I let myself go too far into the black hole of overthinking.

These were the 5 questions I asked myself before buying my ticket to London and Paris

ONE: Is this something I always wanted to do?

[Yes] I have always wanted to go back to London and Paris, ever since my first visit in 2014 I fell in love with everything about both places.

TWO: Can I do it [financially]?

[Yes] We set a mortgage amount where we could still more or less keep the lifestyle we were using too, we decided on a smaller Christmas and the all the numbers started checking out.

THREE: What is the worst that could happen, and ways to solve them?

That trip would make us broke, but I checked and obsessed over the budget and low and behold we were still within our means

FOUR: Will I regret it?

Yes, I avidly look up London and Paris guides, videos and blog posts.

FIVE: What is the alternative to not doing it?

I am trying to more honest with myself with this answer because honestly speaking the money was going to go somewhere. Yes I could have saved it, but knowing me I would have let Christmas Presents and after Christmas sales get the best of me and most of it would have gone to an extravagant purchase anyways.

Sky Garden London at Sunset

Sky Garden London at Sunset

After you answer these five questions, pull the trigger, don’t let yourself over think it and take the first step, one that you can’t undo easily because from there it gets easier, you can to shift your mindset from overthinking to problem-solving. Afraid you made a mistake cause you can’t afford what you are doing? Starting obsessing over how to save and make more money instead. Signed up for something outside your comfortable zone? Obsess over what things you can do to get the least amount of attention. Quit your job to pursue something new? Obsess over perfecting your resume or business plan. Now you may tell me “Isn’t obsessing the same as over thinking?” Yes, it is, but now you have shifted your mindset and you are going to be at least doing the thing you always want to do.

6 weeks ago I threw caution to the wind and booked a last minute vacation to London and Paris. All the worries I had about the money we were going to spend, the mortgage we had at home, my duties at work, slipped away because excitement overtook the over thinking. Instead of obsessing over everything I could have done with my money instead, I invested that time in planning the perfect vacation. I have no regrets because happiness lies with the choices you make not the amount in your accounts.





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