How to Get Things Done & Stay Motivated in 2017

How to Get Things Done and Stay Motivated in 2017

This post is going to hopefully show you how to get things done and stay motivated in 2017. Most days and almost every weekend & evening I would rather do anything than writing a blog post or filming a video. Even though once I get started on either one I love the whole process.

I love my blog and I love my youtube channel, what I don’t love is get things done for it. Like most people, I started January 2017 on a high, then fell off the horse hard after getting sick. Now summing the motivation to get things done and staying motivated seems like a full-time job in itself. But I am proud to say I am getting better. And this post is here to help you get better too, so without further ramblings:

Here is How to Get Things Done and Stay Motivated in 2017:

Tip #1: Make a Plan and Build it into Your Schedule

Make a plan, make a plan, make a plan. Make it so easy for yourself to follow a schedule that you don’t even need to think about the next thing you have to do. That way you can’t stop and debate and get distracted and just move on to the next thing you need to do.

Make a schedule or a long to-do list for your day. Work top down on the list prioritizing the things you really need to do vs. the things that can wait. That way you know what you need to get done first before you start doing other things! That is step one to How to Get Things Done and Stay Motivated in 2017.

make a plan to stay motivated in 2017

Next, is knowing how much time you have for all the extra things you want to do in life and prioritizing it appropriately. A post that really inspired me was Krista’s Tips for Working Full Time and Running a Blog she talks in-depth about how she knows her schedule and owns it in order to keep up with her blog and work full time!

Tip #2: You Need to Set Realistic Expectations to Stay Motivated in 2017

Break down your goals and set realistic expectations first and foremost. I remember all the times I told myself I that I was going to lose 2 pounds a week, and how really disappointed I felt when I didn’t. It left me feeling extremely unmotivated to try the next week. By not setting realistic expectations for myself, I was setting myself up to fail.Build in easy habits

By not setting realistic expectations for myself, I was setting myself up to fail. Now, I tell myself, as long as I’m losing OR looking the way I want to I have on my way up. And if I have a bad day, I remind myself you can always fix it tomorrow.

Tip #3: Build in Easy Habits

To go along with setting a realistic expectation, remember to also build in easy habits. It’s the difference between walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes a day and going on a 5k run every day. Both get you moving, but one is a lot more attainable especially if you weren’t going to the gym at all.

By building an easy habit first makes it easier to build on that habit later (walking daily to running daily). Because you have already gotten over the hardest hurdle, getting there.

Tip #4: Just Doing it for 5 Minutes Will Hep You Stay Motivated in 2017

The hardest part for me was always getting started, I would always find reasons to delay it. From writing essays back when I was in university to writing blog posts and filming videos now. Finding a reason not to start right now was the easiest thing for me to do.

Nowadays, if there is anything I don’t want to do I just tell myself I just need to do it for 5 minutes then I can stop and do whatever I wanted. That usually gets the ball rolling for me and next thing I know it been an hour of me just working away!

Tip #5: Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

It’s really easy for me to spiral into negative thoughts. Especially when I start comparing myself to others. Teddy had it right, Comparison is the thief of [all] joy [and motivation].

Stay Motivated in 2017 Comparison is the theif of joy

One of the biggest examples I have if on my youtube channel, and comparing my growth to others I see. If my newest video doesn’t have any new views, I can start spiraling into negative thoughts. Starting like this: X Youtuber has X views on their video, therefore, no one must like me, therefore I’m not made for this and I should quit.

But taking a second to remind myself that even 1 people have watched my last video grounds me. It reminds how freaking amazing and incredible that alone is. And that I should never compare my beginning to someone else middle or you know, at all.

Tip #6: Remind Yourself of Your Progress Thus Far

If you are going to compare yourself, compare yourself to yourself. Remind yourself of your progress thus far. No, I haven’t lost all the weight that I wanted to but hey I have lost 10 pounds so far and gained a shit ton of muscle.

Reminding yourself how far you have come along is so important to keep yourself going. Be your own motivation in 2017.

Tip #7: Remind Yourself Why You Need to Stay Motivated in 2017

Make a list or a vision board of all the reason why you wanted to pursue this goal in the first place. Keep it on your phone, by your bed or tape to a wall to keep reminding yourself of all the reasons why you’re doing it.

make a vision board stay motivated in 2017

A year passes by quick, heck January is already gone. By keeping your goals in mind will help you for the long term.

Tip #8: And Remember To Be Kind to Yourself

And finally, be kind to yourself. Everyone has bad days, everyone falls off the wagon. But being mean to yourself will not help you get back up, it will only pull you back down again, so stay nice to yourself.

How I Am Staying Motivated and Getting Things Done in 2017

And with that, it brings this post to an end. Those are my current tips on how to get things done and stay motivated in 2017. I like to think this list is helpful, even if it is just for me. Becuase right now it’s Sunday at 1:30 pm and I have:

  • Written two blog post this one and my Complete Guide to Oahu, Hawaii
  • Edited pictures
  • Made Pinterest Graphics
  • Did Some Social Media Stuff
  • Went out for breakfast with Angus
  • Grabbed a coffee, London Fog
  • & I’m almost done my to-do list.

Compared to last Sunday when I was just waking up from a nap at 1 pm. #progress.


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