How Much I’m Spending & Where I’m Traveling to in 2017

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You guys, I have finally semi-determined where I want to travel to in 2017! So I thought I would share it with all of you not only where I am going but how much I am budgeting for each trip, I honestly feel a lot of people keep the amount they spend a secret, but I here to be real with all of you, cause if you wanted to go to any of the places I mention I thought this could be really helpful for you to know how much to save!

Let’s get the juicy bits out of the way first and foremost:

How Much I’m Spending & Where I’m Going:

In 2017 I am planning on going to 9 cities in 6 different countries in a span of nearly 30 days, and to be completely real, it sounds a lot grander than it actually is, because, in reality, I will only be taking 3-ish weeks off of work and only going on two major trips.

Europe 2017

I have just recently decided that I am going to go on my first ever solo trip, that right I am 24 years old and never have gone anywhere alone, I have always traveled with either my boyfriend or my family, never alone, not even a flight, to say have a serious case of butterflies is an understatement. Parts of me are wanting to cancel the whole thing entirely, but I really hope I don’t, but the fear is real, so if you have tips, please share.

TRAVEL PLANS europe 2017

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Where I’m Going to in Europe

Anyways as you can tell by the heading in May I plan on going on a 10 day trip to Europe, I plan on going to:

  • 4 Days in London, UK
  • 3 Days in Vienna, Austria
  • 3 Days in TBA to be honest, I really am not sure and would love suggestions!

Spending & Budget Breakdown for Europe 2017

Here is an honest breakdown of what I am budgeting for my trip, hopefully, I don’t overspend:

  • All Flights: $850
  • Airbnb’s: $300 (my stay in London is free)
  • Per day spend $60*10 Days  = $600
  • Total: $1750

I also might be planning on making an expensive purchase while I’m in Europe, I have my eye on a few handbags, it was recently announced that Louis Vuitton is the cheapest in London at the moment because of all the political drama. But that’s a different budget, my shopping budget stays the same throughout the year and I try not to buy frivolous things just because I am in a new country, while I love looking in souvenirs shops I tend not to buy any because they really don’t bring me any joy after the fact.

travel plans 2017 - asia

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Asia 2017

As many would say, we are finally going back to our homeland, I say we because Angus (aka my Boyfriend) will be coming along with me, and maybe homeland isn’t the right word because we were both born and raised in Vancouver, BC but you get the idea.

If you’re wondering why Angus isn’t coming to Europe it’s because his work isn’t as flexible as mine with time off, so he only gets two weeks off, that and he loves his job and works on a really small team. Anyways, we have been meaning to go to Asia for YEARS now, literally, years, if Angus didn’t start his new job last October we would have gone last year.

Where I’m Going in Asia

So this year, we are going to take full advantage of his two weeks and try to fit in 6 cities, granted many of them are close to together, I just like the idea of saying six, here’s where we are going in 16 days:

  • Hong Kong, Hong Kong – 4 Days
  • Hanoi, Vietnam – 5 Days
    • Day trip to Haiphong, Vietnam (Where my parents are from)
    • Day trip to Ha Long Bay
  • Osaka, Japan – 7 Days
    • Day trip to Kyoto, Japan

Spending & Budget Breakdown for Asia 2017

So these prices are averaged out, we will be going to Vietnam which is known to be super cheap, Hong Kong which I think is id-range and Japan which everyone said was super expensive, so really I am hoping to break even when it all comes down to it. All in all this trip is going to be expensive, I already know – the flights alone are killing me but I guess that is what happens when you buy 4 tickets at once,

  • All flights / Transportation: $1700
  • Hotels / AirBnb’s: $1200
  • Per day spend: $75*16: $1200
  • Total: $4100

This trip is coming right before Christmas so I am sure I’ll be spoiling myself a little, but I have a shopping budget every month so I’ll probably just hoard that money from the months before

Is This All I’m Spending?

The cost of Europe and Asia will be just shy of $6000, $5850 to be exact, and yes there will probably be a handful of a weekend away, camping, the states, locally in BC, maybe a trip out east so I will probably budget around $6500 for the year. If you want to know how I save and budget for travel just let me know and I’ll make a post about it!


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