Currently Making Progress

currently making progress

I often find myself comparing myself to others. Constantly wondering how do I get to where others are. I find myself always comparing my beginning to their middle. It’s as though I have blinders on and only see the end result of other people’s hard work and efforts, rather than the full picture. So when I go to attempt something new, I start comparing myself in the beginning and get really discouraged, Then I take  the easy route and give up on what I was working on. This past month I discovered that it’s really about starting. Starting and remembering that every small step you take will bring you that much closer to you goals. The only true failure lies in giving up. To sum it up, remember that you are always making progress, even if you are taking tiny step, they are still steps in the right direction

Things to keep in mind:


Compare yourself against your past self. 

Don’t give up.


And if you ever want support on anything, whether it’s a blog, video, or artwork, let me know and I’ll be happy to be there for you.

Cheers, Jennifer


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