Cheap Lifestyle & Event Photography in Vancouver

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Affordable Event Photography in Vancouver

Hi, I’m Jennifer.

I’m a Cheap Photographer in Located Vancouver, BC. Currently, I am focusing on:

  • Lifestyle Photoshoots
    • Blogger Photos
    • Instagram / Social Media Photos
    • General Lifestyle Photos
    • Local Travel Photoshoot
  • Small Business Photoshoots
    • Branding Photos
    • “In-Action” Photography
    • Casual Headshots
    • Small Business Events
  • Small Events
    • Bridal Showers
    • Baby Showers
    • Birthday Parties
    • Family Events
    • Small Weddings*
  • & other events + photoshoots


Affordable Photography Rates in Vancouver BC:


I’m going to be honest and let you know upfront that I am a hobbyist photographer. I enjoy capturing candid moments and I’ve been casually shooting for the last 3 years. I currently work full time and am just doing this for fun on the side so I can mainly shoot weekdays in the evening or early morning if you are ambitious and whenever on the weekends and holidays.

  • 1 Hour = $50 and at least 25 photos
  • 2 Hours =$100 and at least 50 photos
  • 4 Hours = $350 and at least 100 photos
  • 8 Hours = $700 and at least 250 photos

Want to Book a Local Photoshoot in Vancouver?

Email me at jenniferanbui[at]

Portfolio + Recent Work

Due to reasons privacy all work is not posted online. I do have additional galleries that I can share if you are curious!

Vivian: Lifestyle Photoshoot

Angus: Causal Headshots

Small Event + Travel Work

Looking for Something?