Tokyo, Japan

44 of the Best and Cheapest Places to Eat in Tokyo

I am happy to say that this (44 of the Best and Cheapest Places to Eat in Tokyo)  is my last post in my pre-vacation series for Tokyo. Happy because this means I’m done my research and I am so…

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Bucket List: 33 of the Best Things To Do in Tokyo

So far in my pre-vacation research series we covered, where to stay in Tokyo for the first time and the best coffee shops in Tokyo so it only makes sense that today’s post is a bucket list of the best…

Tokyo, Japan

33 of the Best Coffee Shops in Tokyo

So here’s the thing, I know this post is about 33 of the best coffee shops in Tokyo. But spoiler alert, I don’t actually drink coffee, I’ve never enjoyed the taste – not in drink format, not in cake format…

Tokyo, Japan

Where to Stay in Tokyo First Time: Best Neighborhoods & Hotels

We are going to Japan for a second time this November and I am extremely excited. I thought writing a blog post all about 5 neighbourhoods we considered and what hotels we considered for our 2-week vacation could be quite…

Oahu, Hawaii

A Complete 5 Day Itinerary to Oahu, Hawaii

To be honest with you when we first went to Oahu, Hawaii in 2016 I didn’t think I was going to like it but we “had” to go for a wedding. I wasn’t that I was against having a beach…

Paris, France

Complete Guide to Paris: 3 Days in Paris Itinerary

When I think of going on a European Adventure, Paris always comes to mind. There is never a time that I don’t want to go here. So I wrote this post hoping to help you with your Paris adventure, so…

London, England

The Perfect 5 Days in London Itinerary

This is how I would personally spend 5 Days in London, with this In-depth London itinerary. PS: Most things to do are free & places to eat are cheap!

How to Travel with Friends and Stay Sane

I can honestly say that I don’t travel that well with others and before you think it’s them and not me, your wrong because I am pretty sure it’s me. When I travel, I like to do and experience things in…

Budapest, Hungary

Complete 3 days in Budapest, Hungary Itinerary

Budapest was a delightful surprise, to say the least. I don’t actually remember what made me want to go, but I do remember once I had Budapest in my head, there was nowhere else I wanted to go. So I…


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