Tokyo Bucket List: 33 of the Best Things To Do in Tokyo

So far in my pre-vacation research series we covered, where to stay in Tokyo for the first time and the best coffee shops in Tokyo so it only makes sense that today’s post is a bucket list of the best things to do in Tokyo. And before you ask, the last post in my pre-vacation research series for Tokyo will be a round-up of the best places to eat, so stay tuned for that!

When we went to Tokyo for the first time in 2017, we had a rough idea of the things we wanted to do, but overall I remember being extremely overwhelmed with where to start, because in all honestly, you can spend weeks in Tokyo and still not see and do everything. So in my research, I found, 12 of the must-see things in Tokyo (aka the most worth-it Tourist attractions in Tokyo), 13 of the best things to do in Tokyo (aka the most worthwhile activities in Tokyo) and lastly 8 things to do in Tokyo at Night (aka what to do in Tokyo at night if you don’t drink).

PS: I also added everything to a Google Places List to make it easier for you guys 🙂

Tokyo Bucket List: The Absolute Best Things to do in Tokyo

12 Must-See things in Tokyo

japan travel guide - must see things in tokyo - tokyo bucket list

  1. Meiji Shrine
    • Address: 1-1 Yoyogikamizonocho, Shibuya City, Tokyo 151-8557, Japan
    • Tips: (#1) If you wanted to take a photo or a video of you cleansing your hands for your Instagram or travel diary, I just wanted to let you know that there’s more then one entrance. The Meiji Shrine sits right in the middle of the garden, so if you follow the main path in, you will end up at the busiest entrance naturally but if you detour at bit there are two other stations at the side of the building that are much less busy! (#2) You can’t get to the Meiji Shrine and Garden through Yoyogi Park, even though it looks like you can in Google maps, you can’t. (#3) There are a couple of food vendors right outside the entrance/exit where you can buy fortunes from.
  2. Shibuya Crossing
  3. Senso-ji Temple
  4. Cats of Gotokuji Temple
  5. Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building
  6. Imperial Palace
  7. Harajuku: Takeshita Street
    • Address: 1 Chome-17 Jingumae, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0001, Japan
    • Tips: (#1) Don’t stick to what’s on street level, explore the different buildings and go up and down the stairs (#2) Explore the Alleyways (#3) walk through it once before deciding what dessert you want to treat yourself to because there are so many options
  8. Nakameguro Park: Cherry Blossoms
  9. Giant Godzilla Head
  10. Memory Lane
  11. Golden Gai
  12. Rainbow Bridge

Unique + Best Things to Do in Tokyo

japan travel guide - best things to do in tokyo - tokyo bucket list

  1. Watch a Sumo match at Ryōgoku Kokugikan
  2. Visit the infamous Ghibli Museum
  3. Have Sashimi at the Tsukiji Outer Market
    • Address: 4 Chome-16-2 Tsukiji, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0045, Japan
    • Tips: (#1) the best sushi restaurants have lines starting super early in the morning. So go the first day you are here when jet leg works in your favour.  (#2) It’s closed on Sundays (#3) hours vary but it’s typically open 5:00 am to 2:00 pm
  4. Go for Drinks and a Show at the Robot Resturant
  5. Have a Picnic at the Shinjuku Gyoen Nation Garden
  6. Visit the DIGITAL ART MUSEUM  by teamLab Borderless
  7. Shop at Ginza Six
  8. Watch a Baseball Game at the Tokyo Dome
  9. Play some games at Anato No Warehouse Kawasaki
  10. See Some Pups at Yoyogi Park
  11. Go to Shiba Park (Zōjōji Temple) for the best night time view of the Tokyo tower
  12. Shop then see Shibuya Crossing from way up above at MAGNET by SHIBUYA109
  13. Go Row Boating in the Chidorigafuchi Moat

What to do in Tokyo at Night

japan travel guide - what to do in Tokyo at Night- tokyo bucket list

  1. Sing your heart out at a karaoke bar or club
    • Whether you are in a group or it’s just the two of you, you can go to a karaoke bar or book a private room!
  2. Find a Rooftop Bar for some causal drinks
    • So I don’t drink but my boyfriend does, but I do love getting drinks and people watching.
  3. Spend your coins at an arcade
    • I surprising loved racing Mario Carts in Arcades we did it almost every other night, it was so much fun.
  4. Dance the night away at a club
    • The nightlife in Tokyo is pretty insane, I don’t have any recommendations when it comes to clubs but culture trip sure did.
  5. Have a late-night bubble tea  and dessert
    • Next to number 8, this is my second favourite thing to do, there are many late-night cafes all around town.
  6. Try bowling or go to the batting cages
    • Bowling and batting cages are pretty popular in Tokyo so look up the closest one to you can have a great time – they are usually open until pretty late too.
  7. Walk around a lively neighbourhood
    • Roppongi, Shinjuku and Shibuya should all be really fun ones to walk around in.
  8. Buy a lot of snacks and taste test them back at your hotel
    • Out of all the options, we honestly found ourselves doing this the most. You can find a Family Mart or a 7/11 on any corner, so my advice when me to set at the limit, buy your favourites, bring them to your hotel and watch a sumo match on the TV.

There it is, my round-up of the best things to do in Tokyo, whether you were looking for must-see attractions or what to do at night in Tokyo, I hope this post could help. If you want more Tokyo, check out my post on where to stay in Tokyo if it’s your first time and the most Instagram-able coffee shops in Tokyo!

Have an amazing trip & make sure to tell me all about it!



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