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Oh hi there!

Photo credit – Thank you, Dallas and Sabrina! Hi [insert waving emoji] You’re going to start seeing some changes here. I know I keep changing things, but I am 22 years old and still changing myself. I will update further in…


Window Shopping: Spring 2015

Its March 7th, meaning 14 days until Spring, meaning 14 days until I will be shopping again, well maybe. I put myself on a “no-buy” at the start of February and extended it to the beginning of spring because one,…


Travel Tuesday: Wanderlust

wan – der – lust: having a strong desire to travel.   Last month I was asked the question: What do you want to accomplish / do this year? As a 22-year-old, budding professional and recent graduate at a networking event,…


Currently Making Progress

I often find myself comparing myself to others. Constantly wondering how do I get to where others are. I find myself always comparing my beginning to their middle. It’s as though I have blinders on and only see the end result…