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A Complete 5 Day Itinerary to Oahu, Hawaii

Updated September 2019 To be honest with you when we first went to Oahu, Hawaii in 2016 I didn’t think I was going to like it but we “had” to go for a wedding. I wasn’t that I was against…


Complete Guide to Paris: 3 Days in Paris Itinerary

Updated September 2019 When I think of going on a European Adventure, Paris always comes to mind. There is never a time that I don’t want to go here. So I wrote this post hoping to help you with your…


The Perfect 5 Days in London Itinerary

This is how I would personally spend 5 Days in London, with this In-depth London itinerary. PS: Most things to do are free & places to eat are cheap!


How to Start Working on All of Your Goals

These past few months changed everything. It not only changed my present situation in those moments, but it forever changed my life. And because of that my routine changed, I start to deprioritized things like my blog and youtube and…


5 Ways to Spend 10 Days in Europe (We’re Going to Europe!)

Photo credit: @finduslost We’re Going to Europe! I’m so excited to tell all of you that we are going to Europe in 11 days (11 DAYS!!!). To be honest with all of you I didn’t think it was going to…


How to Get Your Life Together: 10 Tips & Tricks

The key is to getting your life back together again is not waiting until a certain day but to just do it – Here are 10 ways to getting your life together!


Travel Guide: The Ultimate San Francisco Travel Bucket List

San Francisco would be my Los Angles or New York. It’s the city I have so hyped up in my head, that I’m too hesitant to go because the timing needs to be perfect.


How to Make The Most Out of Your Twenties and Do it …

There is so much to say about being in your twenties, there are so many guides, rules books, and posts on what you should be doing during your time. And may I say, all of which are conflicting, some people…


How Much I’m Spending & Where I’m Traveling to in 2017

Photo credit: Roman Kraft You guys, I have finally semi-determined where I want to travel to in 2017! So I thought I would share it with all of you not only where I am going but how much I am budgeting for…


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