5 Professional and Personal Goals + FREE Goal Setting Template

How to Set Your Professional and Personal Goals

I’m an avid list maker, an avid goal setter, what I am not is an avid goal achiever. I was great at creating, planning and developing my goals but holding myself accountable was the hardest part, and still is the hardest part for me. After reading endless blog post about how people set and reach their goals I finally stumble upon a strategy that works for me. So here are my tips for setting and actually achieving your goals.

#1: Set targets, measure accordingly and give yourself credit. Let’s say your goal was to lose 10 pounds in one month, but at the end of the month you only lost 3 pounds, leaving you to feel defeated cause you literally did everything you could to get there but you didn’t hit your “goal.” But what you did do, was complete 30% of your goal, meaning your 30% closer than you were when you started. Instead of discrediting yourself for what you didn’t do, credit yourself for what you did do. Keeping a positive frame of mind will help you resist the cookies.

#2: Keep your goals front of mind, and talk to yourself. What really helped me achieve my goals, is I ask myself simple questions like: Would I rather have a $50 shirt or an extra night in London, or any other country I am lusting after. Don’t let instant gratifications distract you and play the long game, nothing beats the feeling of getting something you been traveling to for a month or even years.

#3: Set a realistic amount of goals, in a set amount of time. I used to have these list and list of endless amounts of goals and a set plan in place to achieve all of them at once. But guess what trying to complete 10 goals all at once, is unrealistic and I usually gave up after the second day of my new schedule. Now, I set 3-5 goals every and give myself 3 months to complete them. It’s so much easier to focus on a handful of goals than trying to juggle everything.

#4: Monday is always a the start a new week. Before, when I would have 3-5 lazy days in a row, I would just give up on my goals and plans altogether. Now, I constantly remind myself that Monday is a new week, a fresh start therefore if I have a string of bad days, Monday will always be my new year day. It’s okay to fall, but always get back up and try again.

#5: Add your goals into your schedule and set reminders. My top 3-5 things to do each day relate to my goals directly, because every single little step counts. I didn’t use to do this, I thought keeping them in mind was good enough, but it is not. You need schedule them in because you need to keep yourself accountable.

Those are some of the things I have learned after multiple years of failed  goal setting… Share any tips you have in the comments section!

5 of my Professional and Personal Goals

With that being said, here are some of my goals, that are the most important to me to complete in the next two month. Because you can bet that come 2017 I’ll have a new set of goals to work on or an explanation of what I am already doing.

#1 Professional Goal: Start Youtube

This may sound like a personal goal, and it kind of is. I want to start a YouTube Channel but not because I want to be a YoutTuber, but because I want to learn videography. I work in the digital marketing field, so being able to edit and create video content of any stature will help me out a lot professional especially now that video marketing seems to be the new norm. I want to learn the depths so expand my breathe of knowledge and become that much more kickass at what I do.

#2 Personal Goal: Lose Weight

Especially, I want to lose 1 pound per week until the end of the year. That’s 9 pounds in total, and if I do that it means I will meet one of my 2016 resolutions. I think getting fit is on my new year’s resolution ever since my metabolism caught up with me  5 years ago, and I have never once met it. But 1 pound per week is very doable, I have done it recently already so meeting this goal will be a big game changer for me.

#3 Professional Goal: Blog Consistently

I can’t seem to be consistent on this blog no matter how many times I have tired. I think I finally found my niche and I am excited to start this process. My goal is to right at least 1 blog post per week. Starting now. So please check back to in a week to see my newest post, if it does not that feel free to email / yell at me at jenniferanbui@gmail.com. Again this may seem like a personal goal because this is a personal blog, but I do really want to get better a writing and show off my writing skills cause again, I am in digital marketing so writing is so much of what I do.

#4 Personal Goal: Saving Money

I have big goals for 2018 [more of that later], but that means there are a lot of material sacrifices I need to make up until then and until recently I haven’t been willing. So now I am telling myself I have no other choice, cause what I want in 2018 is something I wanted my entire life. I will be trying to save 50% of my income, so wish me luck and provide me with any tips you have.

#5 Professional Goal: Learn Photography / Videography

This one really goes hand in hand with Goal #1 Start Youtube and Goal #3 Blog Consistently. I want to add these skills to my resume and document all the incredible moments of my life with incredible pictures and videos. That might sound vain, but I don’t care. I like to document things.

Free Printable Goal Setting Template

Whether you want to keep track of your professional goals or your personal goals or do a mix of both like I did. I created a [what I consider] pretty template for you to print out, share and display! I absolutely adore creating templates and print outs, its the stationary nerd in me.

Free Printable Goal Setting Template


I hope this template helps push out and finish your 2016 new years resolutions as well as help you plan out your goals for your 2017 new years resolutions and beyond!

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ps: if there is a “template” you want, let me know – if I have some free time at some point, Ill probably create it for you 😀

PPS: stay motivated, stay focused. You still have 2 more months to complete you 2016 resolutions!

Cheers, Jennifer



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