5 Completely Worth it Travel Splurges I Never Regret

When it comes to travelling, I definitely would still put myself on the more save then spend side of things. I try to cut and set daily budgets whenever I can but I must say throughout my last 5 years of really travelling I have found 5 Completely Worth it Travel Splurges I Never Regret Spending On or evening going slightly over budget on, ever.

I’m definitely not the broke student anymore, but I’m not close to making it rain yet either. Angus and I were actually just talking about this the other day, we’ve come a long way from booking the cheapest decent place we could find on Airbnb during our time in London in 2014 to our Japan trip coming up in November we booked some pretty nice hotels *insert shocked face*. So let’s get on with the list:

#1 Getting Eyelash Extensions

I wanted to have eyelash extension first and foremost on here because I wanted to state that none of these items are things you actually need, just things that I have deemed splurge-worthy and my goodness and eyelashes worthy. Getting eyelash extensions:

  • Makes getting ready super quick and easy, every single morning.
  • Makes me feel really pretty
  • Makes me feel super put together, not to mention confident
  • Makes me feel always camera ready

Saves me from needing to pack, waterproof eye makeup remover, eyelash curler, and mascara.
Means your nighttime routine is that much quicker.
The same way some people love to get their nails done, I love doing my lashes. This past May when I got them done for my Europe Trip, I realized how worth-it they truly were. Now getting them done is expensive so that’s why I try to save them as an extra special splurge right before a trip.

Cost: $60 – $150 dollars, depending on the type of set you get.

#2 Data, Internet, Wifi or Cell Phone Plan

Our first ever Eurotrip we relied on wifi and it was a pain. Often it was like we were chained to wifi access, especially it being the first time in every country and not speaking the give languages. We constantly had to be on the lookout for wifi, stayed at places longer that offered it, triple checked that we had all the info we need before leaving. I know this isn’t everyone, but this is me. I like to know exactly where I am at all times, I like knowing that the train is going to come in exactly 7 minutes, and I like to know exactly where I am supposed to stop line walking in a straight path.

During our second trip to Europe, my lovely cousin Jenny spoiled and surprised us with a pay as you go SIM card that cost 20 pounds (roughly $35). The plan was something amazing like 10gb of data and it was for all over Europe, best of all it allowed for hot spotting so that meant Angus and I just needed one sim for both phones to have internet anywhere we were. From then on I never looked back, I always splurge for data/internet now. Side tip is to check with your home phone provider to see what they offer AND pay as you go plans in other countries. Myself on Freedom Mobile, if I pay an extra $15 I get unlimited usage anywhere in the USA but going to Europe it’s cheaper to get a pay as you go sim card while I’m there.

Cost: $15 – $50, depending on where you go.

#3 Spending Money at Fancy Cafe’s

Confession, I don’t drink coffee but absolutely love coffee houses (my drink of choice are tea lattes). I jam pack my travelling days, its usually go go go from the moment we get off the plane. So as a mid-day treat and reminder to relax, we have started spending some extra money on a nice warm cup of deliciousness. I usually sit and people watch and take in the wonders of that city but you’ll also find me just on my phone catching up, reading, journaling or sometimes just chatting up a storm.

I remember before I would just push through it or stop and sit on a bench for a few minutes because I didn’t want to spend the extra money or thought I was just wasting time handing out at a cafe. But I love doing it and spending the money to treat yourself to something you truly enjoy is always well worth it in the long run.

Cost: $3 – $10 per day, depending on how much you spend.

#4 All Day / Week Long Unlimited Transit Cards

This is rather a save than splurge item for me to be honest. I always end up taking the wrong train at least once a day while travelling and those mistakes can add up quickly. It usually ends up adding up to the same as an unlimited day pass to be real. But splurging on the unlimited pass from the start means I don’t beat myself up as hard for the mistake I am bound to make AND at the end of the day means I can just ride the train for 2 stops even if walking only takes 20 mins because I can just too damn tired to even try.

Cost: Usually 10-15 per day, depending on where you go.

#5 Location of the Hotel or Stay

I think eventually I’ll do a whole post on why the location of your stay is so important but for now, we shall settle for this paragraph. Again going back to our first Europe trip, we booked a $40 something dollar a night Airbnb in London, just seeing it as the cheapest option in “London” we failed to realize it was 1-1.5 Hours away from the city centre depending on where we were going, what meant we were spending nearly 3 hours every day just commuting 3 stinking HOURS. We thought it wasn’t that bad but oh boy were we wrong. being three hours way meant that once we left, we left for the entire day and it was exhausting and something I would never recommend.

Thinking back we could have stayed somewhere closer and paid the same amount if we factored in all the extra cost, more zones on transit fares, more meals out, and buying essentials we forgot cause it was too long to go back probably ended up cost more if not the same them a nicer and closer place to the city.

Cost: Will vary a lot depending on where you look.

Please let me know what you splurge on when it comes to travelling, I am all about small manageable cost if it means saving time. At the end of the day, you already spent the money, so why not try and make the most of it where you can!



  1. October 1, 2017 / 12:34 pm

    I lived in London for a while and I definitely agree with your advice – I always tell my friends who are going to buy a phone plan as England has incredible pay as you go prices and I also tell them to stay as close to Zone 1 as humanly possible. These are really awesome suggestions and definitely realistic!


  2. Jennifer Bui
    October 1, 2017 / 12:38 pm

    Yes I wish someone told me about the zones, I think we were like in Zone 4 or something and omg what a difference it made when we went the second time and stayed with my cousin in zone 2!

    Also I would love to pick your brain about living in London!

    • October 6, 2017 / 5:06 am

      Please do! I love to share. I’ve moved back to Canada since (about a year ago) so I’m eager to talk about living there. I must have left a piece of my heart there 🙂

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