29 of The Best Christmas Markets in Europe


Over the summer, I was planning a last minute trip to visit Europe over the Christmas holiday. But plans fell through, work happened and reality took a swing at us like no other. So in short, we didn’t go. But being the wanderlust-ing person that I am, I plan our trip tentatively. And here is the result of my  research. Here are 29 of the Best and Most Magical Christmas Markets in Europe. And even though I couldn’t go, I thought I would still share the best and Most Magical Christmas Markets in Europe that I could find.

Most Magical Christmas Markets in Europe

Strasbourg, France Christmas Market


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1. Strasbourg Capital of Christmas

From November 25 to December 31 2016

One of the oldest and biggest Christmas markets around, Strasbourg has been rightly named the Capital of Christmas. This one was on the top of my list.

Lille, France Christmas Markets


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2. Marche De Noel

From November 18 to December 30 2016

Lille will be decked out in lights and colour. And the whole town is covered in a huge crown of garlands. It going to be too pretty not to see.

Bruges, Belgium Christmas Market


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3. Bruges Christmas Market

From November 25 2016 to January 1 2017

Medieval Bruges, with its beautiful setting, hosts one of the most famous Christmas Markets in Belgium. Here you can shop some of the best stall and eat even better food.

Hamburg, Germany Christmas Markets


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4. City Hall Market

From November 21 to December 23 2016

For the past 12 years, the City Hall Market has become one of most famous Christmas markets in Germany.

5. Winterwald in Hamburg

From November 21 to December 30 2016

This Market is located on the main shopping street, meaning you can eat, shop for unique gifts, then shop at some of the bigger branded stores.

6. White Magic on the Jungfernsteig

From November 23 to January 6 2017

One of the most Romantic markets, eat, shop and just be merry

7. Fleet Christmas Market

From November 23 to December 23 2016

Stroll through the canal and be met with magical-ness.

8. Santa Pauli

From November 17 to December 23 2016

This one is x-rated, so I have no idea what you will find.

Cologne, Germany Christmas Markets


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9. Cathedral X-MAS Market

From November 21 to December 23 2016

Probably the biggest market, this one offers 150 stalls with an amazing backdrop.

10. Old Market Christmas

From November 21 to December 23 2016

Most like one of the prettiest markets, don’t leave this one off you list if you are in the area

11. Angel’s Christmas Markets

From November 21 to December 23 2016

It’s one of the oldest and based in the shopping markets, so shop for christmas gifts, drop them off somewhere and enjoy the market.

12. Harbour Christmas Market

From November 18 to December 23 2016

Christmas at the Harbour thats what Cologne Harbour Christmas market is. A gateway to the Rheinauhafen to life with a maritime twist.

Innsbruck, Austria Christmas Markets


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One of the first places I looked at was Innsbruck, Austria why because there are 6 amazing markets to visit and whenever I think Austria I think winter. Austria just sounds winterly therefore it would be beautiful to visit in the winter.

13. Christmas Magic in the Old Town

From November 15 to December 23 2016.

With over 70 colourful Christmas market stalls to choose from, experience all the tradition, all of the romantical-ness and most of all of the festivities in Innsbruck’s old town.

14. Light and Modern on Maria Theresien Street

From November 25 2016 to 6 January 2017.

Go on and get surrounded by a sparkling sea of modern Christmas lights.

15. Advent at the Market Square

From November 15 to December 23 2016.

Bringing kiddies along? Come here, they have all the christmas programs that you might need.

16. Christmas atmosphere at Hungerburg

From November 19 to December 23 2016.

Not only do you get to enjoy all the festive christmas stalls, but here you will get a breath taking view of Innsbruck.

17. St. Nikolaus

From November 25 to December 23 2016.

If you are going to the Advent, cross the river and visit St. Nikolaus and be met with a completely different side of the affair.

18. Christmas magic in Wilten

From November 28 to December 23 2016.

Looking for more unique and speciality items? Head to Wilten and be met with an enchanting square.

Vienna, Austria Christmas Markets


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Again Austria is winter, and winter is Christmas so check these markets for a wonderful Christmas experience.

19. Viennese Christmas Market

From November 12 to December 24 2016

Go for the incredible backdrop against the city hall, stay for the christmas cookies, carols and amazing food stalls.

20. Christmas Village Belvedere Palace

From November 18 – December 23 2016

Vienna does it again with its amazing Christmas market backdrops, come here and look through more than 40 festively decorated market stalls.

21. Christmas Village Maria-Theresien Platz

From November 16 – December 26 2016

This market is located between the Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Art. And if you come here you will be surround by Christmas from the festive market stalls to the vast array of  food options.

22. Christmas Village in the Former General Hospital

From November 12 – December 26 2016

Vienna’s Former General Hospital, go through the many narrow alleyways to find all the  decorated market stalls.

23. Christmas and New Year’s Market at Schönbrunn Palace

From November 19 to January 1 2017

Eat Vanillekipferl, drink hot punch fills the air and visit over 60 stalls.

24. Christmas Market at Spittelberg

From November 12 to December 23 2016

Check out all the Christmas crafts and eat delicious treats through the charming Biedermeier lanes.

London, United Kingdom  Christmas Markets


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There are literally so many Christmas Markets in London, find a full list of them here. Here’s are the ones I liked:

25. Winter Festival at Southbank Centre

From November 11 2016 to January 25 2017

Here you will find a Nordic wintery escape,  a giant Norwegian tree, Scandinavian decorations, and bustling market surrounded by twinkling lights.

26. Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park

From November 18 2016 to January 2 2017

Celebrating their 10th anniversary, here you can find nearly everything. It’s a Christmas market combine with a amusement park.

Budapest, Hungary Christmas Markets


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27. Christmas Market in Budapest on Vorosmarty Square

From November 11 2016 to January 1 2017

While the city offers one than just this market, this is one of oldest, richest and the most spectacular of all the Christmas markets in Budapest.

Prague, Czech Republic Christmas Markets


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28. Old Town Square

From November 26 2016 to January 6 2017

Consisting of brightly decorated wooden huts selling almost every Christmas thing you can imagine you should really visit this market to see a bit of everything.

29. Wenceslas Square

From November 26 2016 to January 6 2017

Eat your way through this Christmas Market, there are traditional foods, large hams  on spits, and an unhealthy but wonderfully tasty barbequed sausages (klobása), cakes and pastries

Visiting these markets are now on the top of travel bucket list. S


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