2019 Sephora Sale: Everything I Want for Brighter & Glowing Skin

I feel like, if you clicked on this post then you are also (im)patiently awaiting the April 2019 Sephora sale like I am. And maybe list me as well you are currently or have always been with obsessed with the idea of on glowy, dewy skin.

When I started my beauty journey, it started with makeup. Makeup seemed so transformative and effortless at the same time but boy did I suck at makeup but to add to my sucking at makeup (if that didn’t deter me enough – heads up it didn’t) I hated the feeling of makeup on my face and still to this day I still wonder how people keep makeup on their faces all day because personally, it seems like I rub my face on everything. Anyways somewhere down the line, after years of throwing out barely used makeup both drugstore and high-end mind you, it finally clicked a couple of years ago that I should just focus on my skin instead of buying makeup I would never use.

And bam, just like that the obsession started, and I am okay with this obsession because, for the most part, I use up everything I buy skincare wise because unlike makeup where I thought yeah it makes sense to get a billion different blushes because they were all different colours, while I really only ever use one moisturizer at a time. And also, I can actually FINISH skincare products to this day the only makeup product that I finish I regularly finish is concealer, everything else I chuck away around what I believe is the expiry date (usually 1-2 years after buying/using). since then my pursuit of glowy skin started.

I wouldn’t call myself a skincare junkie though, I hit my peak last year, when I was trying out 2 different moisturizers and nearly 4-5 different nighttime skincare items and somewhere down the line my skin freakout and I realized what a waste of money it was to buy things based on no research/packaging and then trying them along 10 other things.

Sephora April 2019 Sale Information

I would like to thank Allure and Trendmood1 for finally providing us with the dates for this year’s sale. I don’t know why I’m like this, but please let me know if you are too. Like I knew the sale was coming, it’s been happening every year either on the 2nd or 3rd weekend of April and yet, I get and feel stressed up until I officially know the date. But like why? I know it’s going to happen, not knowing doesn’t stop me from preparing my wishlist but yet. I still need that confirmation

Rouge, VIB and Insider Sale Dates

  • VIB Rouge: April 26 – May 6
    • Code: HEYROUGE
  • VIB: May 2 – 6
    • Code: TBA
  • Insider: May 2 -6
    • Code: TBA

11 Products That are Currently on My Wishlist for Glowing & Brighter Skin

Now onto what’s on my Sephora wishlist. I do want to preference this by saying I have sensitive combination skin that leans more on the dry side. So this post might be more accurately named – Current Wishlist for Glowy & Bright Skin for someone what has sensitive combination skin (that leans more on the dry side)

Also, I thought it would be fun to list out my logical and non-logical reasons for adding a product to my wishlist. Although I did list the logical reason first, the reason the product intail landed on my radar was and is completely for the non-logical reason and the logical reason to me is just a plus.

Enough rambles, without further ado, here are my current Sephora wishlist for brighter, glowy-er, dewy-er skin.


#1 Daytime: Ren Clean Skincare – Glow Daily Vitamin C Gel Cream, $58

Why I want it

  • Logical Reason: It has Vitamin C which is known to help with dark spots (goodbye acne scars)
  • Non-logical Reason: This girl that I follow on Instagram that has amazing skin, had another product from the line as part of her skincare routine. So naturally, I went into my local Sephora, check out the line saw this and loved the texture, smell and the fact that it had a pump.

#2 Day or Night: Tatcha – The Dewy Skin Cream, $84

Why I want it:

  • Logical reason: Tatcha’s known for great skincare, what I have tried from the brand in the past has always worked well for me and in my experience, the price tag is worth the product. Also, I have a sample of this product now and I am really liking it.
  • Non-logical reason: The packaging, it looks fancy as heck and would very much make me feel like a super fancy lady every day when I go to apply it.

#3 Nighttime: Fresh – Lotus Youth Preserve Dream Face Cream, $60

Why I want it:

  • Logical reason: From what I remember, the Lotus Youth Preserve day cream worked well for me. And now that I’m getting into my late twenties, I’m taking to preserving my youth all the more seriously.
  • Non-logical reason: The smells and feel of it, something about the lotus smell in this product does it for me and makes me want to rub it on my face.


#4 Kora Organics – Noni Glow Face Oil, $31

Why I want it:

  • Logical reason: It’s clean and I have heard nothing but great things at the brand thus far, both in real life and online. Therefore it makes me super curious about the brand.
  • Non-logical reason: two words: face glow. It all honestly they had me at that.

#5 Tatcha – Violet C Brightening Serum, $110 

Why I want it:

  • Logical reason: Reasons similar to the Vitamin C moisturizer I had above. Vitamin C is supposed to help with scaring and AHA is supposed to help with bumps and acne, which is something that I am suffering from now as an adult and it really sucks.
  • Non-logical reason: It just looks luxurious. I’ve been using the Ole Hendrix one and have re-bought it like 3 times but I want a change.

#6 Biossane – Squalane + Phyto-Retinol Serum, $95

Why I want it:

  • Logical reason: Retinol is supposedly amazing for anti-aging, however its tricky because it supposes to preserve your skin now vs. dramatically change it instantly so when you commit to retinol you are committing to the long game.
  • Non-logical reason: Everyone else seems to be on this train and I feel like I’m missing out on something.

#7 Volition – Strawberry C Serum, $60 

Why I want it:

  • Logical reason: Besides it’s clean and having vitamin C, I have only heard extremely positive things about this brand so I’m really itching to try something from this line.
  • Non-logical reason: I was watching a video where someone got sent the product and then said that Strawverries have more vitamin C then cictrus plants. Seriously thats my reason for wanting to try this.

Mask & Treatments:

#8 Kora Organics – Turmeric 2-in-1 Brightening & Exfoliating Mask, $60

Why I want it:

  • Logical reason: I for one, believe in the power of turmeric. I suffer really bad inflammation at times and turmeric has always been my number #1 supporter. So I really want to see what this mask can do.
  • Non-logical reason: I saw an influencer I follow stock up on like 3 of these masks, and to me, to buy three for self-use because you are nervous to be without it for long periods of time, speaks volumes.

#9 Dr. Dennis Gross – Alpha Beta Univeral Daily Peels, $22

Why I want it:

  • Logical reason: It’s a chemical peel, that is supposed to help with anti-ageing while brightening your skin. The reason I want to try this is that I everyone always talks about of instant the results are.
  • Non-logical reason: Either I watched this on an Instagram Story or heard it on a YouTube video, someone said they use this after a long flight to keep their skin feeling refreshed. And I want that because I have a really long flight coming up.

#10 Fresh – Vitamin C Antioxidant Glow Face Mist, $54

Why I want it:

  • Logical reason: There really is no logical reason behind this want because I’m pretty sure face mist doesn’t really do anything.
  • Non-logical reason: IT SMELLS REALLY REALLY GOOD.


#11 Kosas – Colour & Light Creme Blush Highlight Duo, $45 

Why I want it:

  • Logical reason: It’s clean and I can use more clean beauty in my life. I also like that you get two options since I am the type of girl that like a bit of variety.
  • Non-logical reason: Because I have only one highlight at the moment and feel as though I need another one.

That’s my list, and since the sale still hasn’t started yet, please please please, let me know what’s on your list or what products have you tried that has helped with a glow.


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