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San Francisco would be my Los Angles or New York. It’s the city I have so hyped up in my head, that I’m too hesitant to go because the timing needs to be perfect. And normally I would tell someone they are bonkers for waiting to travel but whenever I think of San Francisco, I can understand where they are coming from.

In my head San Francisco is the perfect city, it’s a city that is always sunny, always is at the perfect temperature, that is filled with happy go lucky people and is home to the Fuller’s. I will be hitting up San Franciso soon, I keep telling myself that this year will be the year, but I really believe it this is the year I am going to San Francisco.

san francisco bucket list

So here’s a collection of all the things I would do and eat if I were planning my trip to San Francisco, it’s not an Itinerary post, like by previous travel guides to London, Paris, and Oahu because I haven’t been there yet so I couldn’t put together a perfect plan yet.

The Ultimate San Francisco, California Bucket List:

20 Cheap & Free Things to do in San Francisco

Whenever I start planning my to-do list for new cities, I start with the cheap and free activities and will really only pay for a handful that a deem “worth it” to me, not to others, to me. Because there are so many free things to do already and walking around is my favorite tourist activity its hard for me to pay X amount to walk around a confide space that someone owned and dictated was worth X amount.

Here are the 20 Cheap and Free Things I would do if I were going to San Francisco

#1: The Golden Gate Bridge

san-fransisco-golden gate bridge

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This is my north America Hollywood Hills, Empire State Building, Grand Cannon.

#2: Bike Around the City

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Because there is no better way to tour the city quickly.

#3: Twin Peaks

To see the endless views

#4: Ghiradelli Square

To eat my weight in chocolate, and see other cool things, I guess.

#5: See A Giant’s Game

I am not even a Giants fan or a baseball fan, but when in Rome right?


I heard they spent millions on re-dolling this place, so I wanna see the hype

#7: Alcatraz

I literally googled “are there still prisoners in Alcatraz” the answer is no if you are curious.

#8: Chinatown

san francisco chinatown

I love Chinatowns there is so much to see, do, eat and touch. This one is the largest outside of Asia.

#9: The Ferry Plaza Farmer Markets

Because there are always good food and even more Instagram-able moments

#10: Alamo Square – The Painted Ladies

san-fransisco-day-the painted ladies

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In my heart and soul, I am a Fuller.

#11: Dolores Park

Pro tip, if the restaurant you desperately want to eat at has an hour wait, take it to go and picnic in a park.

#12: Union Square

Who couldn’t use an afternoon of shopping

#13: Lombard Street

I still wonder why they built it like this

#14: Antique and Flea Markets

Again, markets are the spot for good food and touchable things.

#15: Hang on to a Cable Car

san francisco cable car

photo credit

Don’t just ride it, hang on and live your California dreams

#16: The Palace of Fine Arts

I think Taylor Swifts Romeo and Juliet song whenever I see this!

#17: Fisherman’s Wharf

Fact: I grew up on a Fisherman’s Wharf so places like these always bring back so many memories.

#18: Marshall’s Beach

photo credit

It’s a beach AND a view.

#19: The Independent

Sometimes when I go to new places I like to pretend I am cooler than I am, and cool Jennifer would a attend a live concert.

#20: Slacker Hill

Yet another place to take a killer photo of the golden gate bridge.

7 Cheap Places to Eat in San Francisco

Most of the places I want to eat at are dessert places, this is just a warning out of the all the places I looked into trying desserts stuck out the most.

#21: Bob’s Donuts

It’s literally so big it could be your breakfast, snack, and brunch.

#22: The Devil’s Teeth Baking Company

So I can sink my teeth into the devil.

#23: A16 Pizza

a16 san francisco

photo credit

This picture changed my life.

#24: Deli Board

I love sandwiches, next to burgers they are my second favorite food group.

#25: Trouble Coffee

I really want to go here so I can make Angus or anyone ask me where I am and say “I am in Trouble…Coffee” I am laughing with myself about this one.

#26: Bi-Rite Creamery

Apparently, Sundae’s are the treat of choice here.

#27: Mr. Holmes Bake House

i got baked in san francisco

photo credit

Because who doesn’t what to say they got baked in San Francisco.

Why You Should Go To San Francisco

If you are looking for any more reasons to travel to San Francisco, look no further than this travel diary. I love it and watch it at least once a month.




  1. April 11, 2017 / 4:59 am

    I loved San Francisco on a trip I took a few years ago and I’m going back this year. You should go! However, it’s not perfect (weather-wise) since it rains so much. Some other things I’d suggest are day trips: going to Napa Valley or glamping in Yosemite since both places are so close. I think that the reason I liked San Francisco so much was because it was both a city but also unbelievably close to nature.

    • Jennifer
      June 11, 2017 / 3:02 pm

      Let me know how it goes, I think we are going this summer!

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