Paris, France

Why You Need to Visit Paris in the Winter

Last winter we went to London and Paris, and albeit be on the colder (nearly freezing) side, I would travel back to Paris in the Winter in a heartbeat. It was my second time both in London and Paris, the first time we…


What to Pack for a Winter Weekend Getaway

Last weekend, me and some of my new-ish girlfriends decided to go on a Winter Weekend Getaway to Whistler, BC (high-five to me for throwing caution to the wind and doing it). Where I completely failing at photographing  the entire…

London, England

5 Days in London: Free Place to Go & Cheap Places to Eat

This is how I would personally spend 5 Days in London, with this In-depth London itinerary. PS: Most things to do are free & places to eat are cheap!


5 Professional and Personal Goals + FREE Goal Setting Template

How to Set Your Professional and Personal Goals I’m an avid list maker, an avid goal setter, what I am not is an avid goal achiever. I was great at creating, planning and developing my goals but holding myself accountable was…


How to Throw Caution to the Wind

I play it safe all the time, with almost every situation I plan out the safest route. The route that will cause the least amount of worry and anxiety. It’s who I am, but not who I will always be.…


My 2016 Resolutions and Goals

I love new year resolutions, I love asking people what theirs are because I love listening to everyone’s goals and passions. I love that so many people see the start of the new year as a clean slate and a…


We’re Moving

(via) By this time, almost everyone in our personal lives knows that we are moving, not just moving in together but we bought a place together.I couldn’t be any more anxious, excited, happy, nervous and scared. We actually played with…


My Quarter Life Crisis & 3 Small Promises of Change.

  Last month (July 27) I turned 23 years old. And before you say or think anything, I know it’s still considered “young” but to me, I’m officially old, to me, this is where adulthood beginning. This past month I…


The 5 Hobbies I Should Have

I can easily to sit here and tell you guys I have all these passions that I am pursuing but don’t have the time to delve into them because I been busy with other things (starting my career, freelancing, yad…