What to Pack for a Winter Weekend Getaway

Last weekend, me and some of my new-ish girlfriends decided to go on a Winter Weekend Getaway to Whistler, BC (high-five to me for throwing caution to the wind and doing it). Where I completely failing at photographing  the entire trip (I didn’t take one single photo). Where I didn’t fail was packing (I don’t think). For the most part, I packed the things shown below, but it’s more idealistically because some of the items are definitely on my shopping list (ie I don’t own them). So you can take my advice with a grain of salt, but ideally, this is What to Pack for a Winter Weekend Getaway.

What to pack for a winter weekend getaway guide

How to Pack for a Winter Weekend Getaway

I would like to consider myself a semi-light packer, but this isn’t driven by my need to be as efficient as possible. Rather it’s driven by my laziness of carrying anything heavy or toting around this I don’t need. How I pack for any trip is my essentials first and foremost. That means:

  • The minimum amount of clothes possible, in this case, I could eliminate one of my sweaters and hat options, easily, even the wallet on chain.
  • My toiletries bag (not shown) but I will do a blog post on that, or even potentially a video!
  • My PJs, my skin is unfortunately super sensitive to bleach and other heavy cleaning chemicals, so I need to make sure I am covered head to toe.
  • A Towel, again the skin issues.
  • Camera, cause I like capturing hi-def memories.

After I get all those items neatly into my backpack (yes, a big backpack) I’ll start adding in the extra items and shifting this around. This time around I didn’t add much because I knew I would be carrying and commuting with everything on my back. So anything I chose to bring on our winter weekend getaway after that would have to be worth the extra weight.

What to Pack for a Winter Weekend Getaway

Now on to what to pack for a winter weekend getaway. Here is a run through of my reasoning behind each and every item I chose to pack for our winter weekend getaway

  • Leather Jacket: Is this the warmest coat / jacket option? No. Is it my favorite option? Yes. And to stay warm I layer (a lot) and alway have a blanket scarf on hand to make sure I stay warm and cuddly. Cause, to be honest, I have never been a puffy coat kind of person
  • Brim Hat and Toque: I heard that heat escapes the fast through your head and your toes. So I wear hats to keep my head warm especially since I packed a coat that doesn’t have a hood for the winter:D
  • Sweater Dress: I would like to start by saying I would not wear this with bare legs. I’ll be wearing this with (hopefully) fleeced lined leggings and a tank top underneath tucked into the leggings to keep extra warm
  • Oversized Sweater: Cause how can you do a winter weekend anything without a warm cozy sweater?
  • Cardigan / Jacket Thing: I live in these. They are thick and warm and you can essentially throw them over anything cause they are more a less a light jacket. paired with a leather jacket it’s like you have a winter coat, in my opinion, a more stylish winter combo than a puffy coat.
  • Ankle Boots: These literally go with everything, so invest your money in some comfy ones so you can wear them day to night!
  • Blanket Scarf: I don’t think these need any explanation has they become the most basic item of any winter outfit.
  • Clutch / Wallet on Chain: I personally don’t need a real bag when I’m traveling and if I did need to use a bigger bag I would just use my backpack. But I think a wallet on a chain is perfect cause now you don’t need to pack you wallet but you also get a going out bag. A win, win if I have ever seen on.
  • Tank Tops: To put under everything and tuck into all of your pants to stay a tad bit warmer.
  • High-waist Demin: I like to think high-waist items give me more of a shape, especially when everything I wear in the winter is oversized.
  • Leggings: Fleeced lined preferably, but what trip of any sort is without leggings? They will forever be part of my go-to travel wardrobe.

What I Didn’t Need for to Pack for a Winter Weekend Getaway

Now on to the things I could have done without on my Whistler Winter Weekend Getaway.

  • My DSLR Camera – cause I didn’t end of taking any photos.
  • Heels cause really who wants to shiver around in heels.
  • all those extra tops, I packed like 4 extra shirts none of which I wore.
  • that going out dress, again who wants to shiver, I would have much rather worked with what I had for a night out.
  • My laptop, I was going to relax, not work.
  • Workout clothes. I didn’t even bother looking at where the gym was in the hotel

Tips on Packing for Your Winter Weekend Getaway

Here are some of the tips I have for myself and you while we pack for out next Winter Weekend Getaway.

  • Essentials first, all the extras after. Ask yourself, at minimum what do you really need. Pack it all neatly away then see if you have any room for more and then add more
  • After you’re done the packing, go on and eliminate at least 3 items, because we both know we have over packed.
  • Ask your group or check the itinerary on what you’ll be doing. If I asked, I wouldn’t have packed the workout clothes for our hike we didn’t take or the heels / going out clothes that I thought I would be needing.
  • Think of all your outfits first and make sure you packing things that go together. Also make sure they are appropriate for your Winter Weekend Getaway.
  • Comfort is key, pack versatile shoes so you don’t have to pack any (you’ll be wearing the one and only pair you chose) Winter shoes will eat up your suitcase or backpack really really quickly.

Winter Weekend Getaway | Amazingly Beautiful Winter Landscape by Ian Schneider

And that is it for my What to Pack for a Winter Weekend Getaway. I really hoped you got some solid advice. I loved writing and creating this post for you. And even though I didn’t have any original pictures to share, can we all take a second to appreciate the beauty of this free and beautifully amazing winter photo from Ian Schneider on Unsplash? I’ll be coming at you with a What to Do in Whistler soon so watch out for that post!

Talk to you next Wednesday (I’m actually so proud of myself for sticking to my goals, and having a 2 post streak!)

Love, Jennifer An Bui



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