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It’s December, while some people are counting down to the to Christmas (10 Days away if your wondering). I am counting down the days to the new year. The new year to me has always meant a fresh start, a new beginning. But best of all, it means that I can start on all my 2017 Personal Goals (don’t worry I’ll be doing a separate post for 2017 professional goals next week 🙂 ).

I did a quick post on my 5 current goals if you want to give it a read. But now that the new year is starting I thought I write about how I’m planning out my 2017 personal goals and thought I write a post on how you can starting setting your 2017 Personal Goals too!

How to Set 2017 Personal Goals You’ll Actually Achieve

Step One: Write Out All Your 2017 Personal Goals & Be Specific

Write out the top 25 things you want to achieve in 2017. Every single thing that you want to achieve. Lay it all out so its all in front of you. I like this exercise because a lot of the time all of my to-dos or to achieve all lives in my head and then I get overwhelmed thinking about all the things I want to do. By the time I get to doing them I don’t know where to start. Or I start on one goal and completely forget about the others. So write it all out, you’ll be surprised at how quickly the first 10 come out and much of a struggle the last couple can be. You’ll also notice how similar some of them are and that’s okay it just means you really want it!

But remember to be super specific about it. If your personal goal is to “lost weight or get healthy” attach a number to it. Whether it is “I want to lose 5 pounds,” “I want to gain 1 pound of lean muscle” I want to get down to 30 percent body fat.  Being specific about your goals will make them more real and make them seem mo

Step Two: Pick Out Your Top 3 Goals

After you wrote down all your 25 super specific goals for 2017. Narrow them down to your top 3 goals. Don’t worry we aren’t forgetting about your other personal goals. We are just keeping you focused. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to do everything at once, then fail a week later. Narrowing down and only focusing on three goals at a time really helps keep me focused on the task at hand.

Step Three: Put Yourself on A Timeline for Your 3 Personal Goals

This is the biggest trick, your 3 goals, you have 3 months to complete them before moving on to your next set of goals. If your goal requires more than just three months, guess what? By spending three months focused on a set of goals has just built your goal into a habit. A habit means that you are now on autopilot with that goal and you don’t have to put as much effort into doing it.

Committing myself to a whole year of healthy eating is hard, but committing myself to three months of it, is a lot easier. Same with almost everything else. 3 months to me is enough time to make good headway or any goal. If not complete the goal itself.

Step Four: Add in Actionable Steps

So you have your 3 goals, you have your 3-month timeline. Now it’s time to add steps. Marianna Hewitt made this amazing graphic that helps you build out your goal backward. Using her worksheet you can outline what your end goal is, then working from top to bottom, list out all the steps it takes to get there (#1 being your end goal). This helps you build out all the actionable steps you need to take to complete your goal. For example, if you wanted to start a blog as your personal goal. #1 would be start a blog, but #10 would be sign up for a blogging platform.

2017 personal goals -new-year-resolution-goal-sheet-printable

Step Five: Build it into Your Schedule

Now it’s time to plan it into your schedule. Because if it’s not in their you are going to do it. I used to like to pretend that I am a print-girl. That physically writing things down inside a planner would get me to do things but you know what? I’m not. I like this digital cause that means I can delete and move things around easily and if I forget my planner at home or at work I’m not out of luck.


So now, I use google calendar to build of my week. I first put in the non-negatables (work, sleep, travel time) then use the blocks I have left to plan and schedule in my goals. What’s great is it’s all flexible in Google Calendar and I can drag and drop things to wherever I like

Step Six: Revise it, Follow it and Reward Yourself.

So you built out this wonderful thing, now it’s time to follow it and revise it if necessary to make it all realistic. Becuase you don’t want to set yourself up for failure, so if going to the gym is more realistic 2 a week than 5 times a week. Do that. Consistency is key in the game of goal setting. So do what works for you and build habits out of everything.


Also don’t forget to keep these goals front of mind! If you want to most up your goals I made a fun worksheet where you can write them all out!

Step Seven: Repeat.

Last but not least, repeat it. Because from what I remember, you wrote down 25 items. So you completing 3 means you still have 22 to go. And remember to look over and constantly revise your list, because your goals will change as you change. And you’ll start to realize which ones are the most important for you to do first and which ones can wait.

I was hard for me not to want to do it all and complete all my personal goals at once, but then I reminded myself how many times I’ve tried that and how many times I failed. And then I asked myself this: In three months if I were to just complete X how happy would I be and that keeps me going and narrowing down my focus.

My 2017  Personal Goals Examples

Now that I’ve shared with you how I am going about achieving all my 2017 personal goals. I thought I give you some examples of my own 2017 personal goals. I am still working through my list of goals, and you can bet your bottom that I will share what my 2017 new years resolutions are here on the blog and maybe (most likely) in a youtube video.

Personal Goal #1: Get Healthy, Stay Healthy and Lose the Extra 10 Pounds.

My first goal is a cliche one yes. It was also my goal for 2016 was to lose some weight and although I didn’t lose the full 20 pounds this year, I did lose 10. And it wasn’t actually that hard. So my goal for 2017 is to lose the remaining 10 by March 31, 2017. Some of my actionable steps are:

  1. Go to four classes a week (this is a combo of cycling, athletic training, and yoga classes)
  2. Throw out all the junk food in my cabinets
  3. Make my dinner and lunch at least 5 days a week.
  4. Bring fruit to work to snack on, instead all of all unhealthy FREE snacks my office offers
  5. Drink 1L of water first thing in the morning.

Personal Goal #2: Meet a Financial Goal and Save Another $15,000

2017 is going to be a big saving year for me, this coming year is a prepping year. A year to hoard in as much money as I can while living the lifestyle that I want. I did the calculations and I think I can do that by  saving $1250 a month. I have to make some sacrifices (eating out and shopping) but I think I can do it. Some actionable steps are:

  1. Create a budget
  2. Set up automatic withdrawals of $1250 per month
  3. Stick to the budget
  4. Revise budget my budget to make it more realistic
  5. Eat in more.

Personal Goal #3: Travel to Asia.

My last goal goes nicely with my blog. And that is to go and to Asia. I have been talking and wanting to go for years and 2017 is the year that I am going. No exceptions. We are going. Here are my steps

  1. Save 3000K for the trip
  2. Book flights (hardest thing to do)
  3. Book Hotel / Airbnb
  4. Ask for the time off
  5. Just Go.

There you have it How to Set & Actually Achieve Your 2017 Personal Goals  and a couple of free worksheets to get you started. I hope that you achieve all the things you want this year and until Saturday, ill talk to you guys then!

Love, Jennifer.


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